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Gerry Farhat was hit and killed at work

US Marshalls made an arrest in the death of a gas station clerk in Redford Township.

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The surveillance video is 14-seconds long, but it’s so disturbing, we’ve edited it to only two seconds.

On it, you see a Marathon gas station clerk deliberately run down, dragged and left for dead on February 27.

Although he fought to survive, that 53-year-old died on March 16. “I watch it every day, it sickens my stomach every day,” said his brother Rami Farhat.

His brother, whose nickname was Gerry, was working when two men came in and appeared to be shoplifting. He followed them outside, and that’s when the surveillance video clearly shows the driver deliberately hitting Gerry and then taking off.

He fought to live but the brain trauma was severe and he died three weeks later.

Family had become frustrated because they had no news coverage of his death until this week when Redford Township police put out the video and asked for help.

Wednesday, the US Marshals arrested a 26-year-old suspect. The family is grateful for the public’s help. A GoFundMe has been put together to help pay for funeral costs.

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