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Headphones for your laptop can be tricky, especially if you’re opting for a wired option. Comfort is key, but you’ll also want one that provides great quality audio for gaming and streaming. A lot of gaming headsets left my ears sore or left me wanting a higher quality sound. Thankfully, I finally found one that checked all my boxes: the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset.

Price and Availability: The Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset is available at Amazon for $129.99 but is currently on sale for $103.99. The headset is also available at Best Buy, and are also on sale for $106.99. Walmart also has them for $103.99, and they’re currently on sale from the original $129.99 price tag.

Why We Chose Them: Finding a headset that provides detailed surround sound without making your ears ache was something I was struggling with, even with my noise canceling headphones. This gaming headset comes packed with 50-mm drivers with a hybrid mesh design that delivers surround sound audio. Whether you’re gaming or streaming, the DTX sound will help emerge you into the scene.

If you like to build a customizable sound, you’re in luck. The G Hub that accompanies the headset allows just for that, where you can adjust the EQ, bass boost, and other audio features to maximize your sound to your preferences. So, if you prefer to hear the bass boosts of your Amazon Music Unlimited streaming or want to catch up on Halo:Infinite, the customization on this headset has you covered. You can also use Blue Voice technology to enhance your voice during gameplay for silly effects, or to simply create a more professional voice sound when taking conference calls.

The design also sealed this deal as one of the best headsets I’ve gamed with. The headband is made of aluminum forks and steel, and they don’t have a dent or mark on them despite my cat believing the headset belongs on the floor and not my desk. It also survived a 1,300 move being jammed into a box, so if you’re looking for an incredibly sturdy set, then this is the headset for you.

Aside from the design, the comfort here is also key. You’ll have two options to keep your ears happy. You can opt for the leatherette ear pads or mesh padding. Personally, I feel that the leatherette pads seal in the sound better, and so I use those over the mesh ear pads.

The only issue some folks might have with this particular headset is that they aren’t wireless, but a wired option. I personally prefer this because I run the fear that my headphones will run out of juice mid-game or mid-stream. The charging cable is something I’d prefer not to have to reach for while I’m harvesting crops with my friends in Stardew Valley or trying to avoid constantly dying in Elden Ring. That being said, Logitech offers a wireless option also available on Amazon, but you’ll pay a much higher price to go wire-free.

What Others Say: WIRED had nothing but praise for this particular headphones set. “This is without a doubt the best headset I’ve tested from Logitech, and possibly the best headphones it’s ever made. It should work well with all consoles, PCs, and phones that have a 3.5-mm audio jack.”

Tom’s Hardware really felt that the comfort was optimal for long gaming sessions. “The G Pro X’s are snug, but not too tight, even on my head which some have suggested is slightly larger than average, and there’s plenty of room in the cups for even the biggest of ears. At 11.3 ounces (338 grams), the Pro X aren’t particularly heavy.”

Our Conclusion: The Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is a must-have for your gaming and streaming needs. The drivers and the hybrid mesh design optimize the surround sound audio quality, and it’s a great design from Logitech.